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Stainless Steel Sinks by LANSEN


"When nothing short of stunning will do."

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Lansen, a distinctive collection of stainless steel sinks, designed just for you. Timeless designs and unlimited style choices, from the basic self-rimming sink to the extreme zero radius apron front sink, and everything in between. When you choose a Lansen stainless steel sink, you get…uncompromising quality, stylish design choices, and multiple gauge options.

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The Lansen Collection is divided into three distinct Series, each with their own unique features and styling.

v  Profile Series: Value oriented undermount and self-rimming sinks, ranging in thickness from 18 to 22 gauge, finished with a satin finish throughout deck and bowls.

v  Select Series: Undermount sinks, manufactured from premium 18 gauge stainless steel. a satin brushed finished to the bowls while the decks are polished to a high gloss.

v  Elite Series: Zero radius sinks that are the epitome of style and sophistication produced from the finest 15 gauge stainless steel, finished with a satin finish throughout deck and bowls.


 To see all of the Lansen sink styles go to our LANSEN SINK STYLE page.

Care & Maintenance…

Your Lansen sink is produced from solid stainless steel. With the right care it will last a lifetime.

All Lansen bowls have a lustrous satin finish which is easy to maintain and clean. Many cleaners work well with Lansen stainless steel sinks. Some of the cleaners that work best are Comet™, Soft Scrub™ and Mr. Clean™. More aggressive cleaners such as Bar Keeper's Friend™ and Zud™ also work well.


Regular maintenance will keep your sink looking great:

·         Rinse your sink thoroughly after each use and towel dry. This inhibits the buildup of mineral deposits.

·         When scouring the sink, which should be done weekly, ensure that you rub in the direction of the satin finish lines.

·         Do not leave soaps and other cleaners in your sink to dry. Do not use solutions of bleach either. All of these contain chemicals that may damage your sink if left on the surface.

·         Do not use steel wool on your sink. If aggressive cleaning is needed, use a Scotch-Brite pad.

·         Stainless steel, like many metallic surfaces, can scratch. These scratches will blend in to the overall satin finish of your sink over time.